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Ski bridge in Park City, Utah

Ski bridge in Park City, Utah

I’m sitting in the doctors office, so I thought I’d write my journal while waiting – time in my mind well spent.

I was talking to my friend, Jacquie yesterday and had casually mentioned that it has been a big week of reflection. The big question in my mind is ” what did I accomplish this past year? ” she said “lots!” and suggested I write my next journal on listing the events of the past year.

So here it goes…

  1. Rallied my confidence to ask for my work to be displayed at Inspire Studio & Gallery.
  2. Participated in the Open Studio Group Show at Medalta Yuill Gallery.
  3. Feature artist for the June Art Walk at Inspire Gallery. The big flood happened the same night and there were a lot of “no shows”, but maybe I’ll have another opportunity with new work!
  4. Started writing bi-monthly for Spotlight Magazine.
  5. Feature Artist Interview on Mary Claire’s WordPress site.
  6. Joined the “Hat Art Club” in September for more drawing practice. Met and am still meeting some great, local artists!
  7. First Canadian Artist accepted into the Painted Bra Project in the USA.
  8. Approached Annie Mcquires Interior & Design Studio to display my work.
  9. Second big commission artwork. Planned an Art + Unveiling Reception night. Was an exciting night for the collectors, myself and family.
  10. Participated in the Hat Art Group Show at the Esplanade in November.
  11. Joined the Rotary Club of Medicine Hat as their first Artist; they call me their “Artist in Residence”.
  12. Commissioned to do another art piece before Christmas. Finished it on December 24th!
  13. Artwork displayed in Heartwood Cafe Downtown as of December.
  14. Accepted as an Art & Culture guest writer for the Medicine Hat News “Suncity” magazine quarterly edition.

I guess Jacquie was right.

If there is one thing I’ve learned this year is that it’s okay to be scared to move forward. Fear cannot hold me back from my dreams because I think we are all scared at some point. But while many of us are scared and playing it safe – I’ve determined to work to accept these boogie men hiding in the closet. Is it easy?  Not a chance!

The artworld is a crazy world; a tough gig one might say. But with persistence and commitment I can continue on those baby steps and figure it out as I grow as an artist.

The Little Red Turtle
ArtWorks in RED Studio
Theresa Eisenbarth