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Dear Friend,
March 11, 2014


Word 2014 – TRUST: Note from my BBC meeting.

Each year since my painting journey began I have chosen a “Word of the Year”. It’s part of my relatively simple painter’s tool-box. These words are drawn up with the computer, transferred to paper, gelled with acrylic medium and incorporated into my artwork. Sometimes the words are visible to the viewer; sometimes not. It’s important I know they are there as they mark the particular year I painted the piece. For example, if you say “inspire or enthusiasm” – I’ll relate what was going in my art-world with the year’s word in the painting. It’s one unique service I offer patrons; they can choose to have my word show in the art-piece, customize the art with other words such as family first-name initials or choose their own significant word for the painting.

2013’s word was “enthusiasm and inspire” and this year’s new word is “trust.” It’s all part of a little game we play in my BBC group. We are a small, but mighty group of friends who made up a fake book club acronym in order to meet once a month. We have been meeting for the last six years. The game entails choosing a word to “accept” into your life to work on: a kind of a credence to follow for the year. You also choose a word to “let go”. The letting go is crucial to the game as it is an issue you tend to struggle with such as a fear, a flaw in character or something you need to release to be a bigger and better person.

The first time word-choosing was easy, only for the mere fact that I didn’t give gravity of the word its weight.The significance of choosing a word didn’t impale itself in my brain until the last time I had to decide on the word for 2014. It took about two weeks to record words on paper and mull them over before a word was chosen. This time I perceived the process of the word selection as a time-marker in my short, creative journey. The words had to signify meaning, gifts, flow and action for the year. When the BBC group meets at the start of the new year, the word is announced to the group and recorded on everyone’s mobile phone for future reference.

This task is not taken lightly – so word player beware! So, what’s in the word you ask? It’s a accumulation of your values, life lived and defines who you are for that year. As soon as there is an issue in your life, the BBC girls are quick to acknowledge how your chosen words(s) relate to your current scenario or predicament. It’s a never ending cycle of persistence and running to keep to your own chosen word. I hope you try this and find your own word which signifies meaning for you this year.

The Little Brown Turtle
Theresa Eisenbarth
ArtWorks in RED Studio