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Poppy painting "in-progress" for the upcoming art show.

Dear Friend
April 25, 2014


While I’ve been painting for my upcoming show, I was recently struck with the idea of #skills as an artist being a road of #milestones – an apprenticeship of sorts to jump to the next level.

Wikipedia defines a milestone as “one of a series of numbered markers placed along a road….this can be used to reassure travellers that the proper path is being followed.”

In all my spare time (haha) I’ve been fascinated by a book on painting by Richard Schmid called “Alla Prima. ” For some reason, this book kept on coming up over and over again in many of my art activities. When I attended my last workshop in Calgary, the artist Mike Svob announced that it was the best book he has ever read on the dynamics of painting. I proceeded to look it up on Amazon thinking to order the book for reference, but it was too many cheeses for my pocket book. So I went to the local library and put in an order for an interlibrary loan, but alas, my order was thwarted by the computer system. I happened to mention this book to my art friend, Gena LaCoste (local Medicine Hat, Western Artist) and she has had the book all this time…could not believe my good fortune!

It’s a puzzle we artists tend to deal with – to what degree do we pay attention to our own progress or milestones? It’s a mind game and can work for or against you. One day you think you are advancing at a speedy rate, the next day, the creative block stops you dead in your tracks. It’s these mile markers like a suggestion of a simple book that can make all the difference to your next art pursuit. Progress along the road ends up looking different to each individual. Every professional was once an amateur and ongoing professionalism is based on an apprentice attitude with a theory and practice to #benchmark progress.

If there is one thing I have learned this past year, it is when the time is right, things become presented to you; never before you need it and not too late. In terms of creative aspirations, more is attainable with an open and inquisitive mindset.This book is one more item on a long list of milestones along the road I have received to art growth.

“Direction is more important than speed. We are so busy looking at our speedometers that we forget the milestones.” Unknown Author

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Theresa Eisenbarth


P.S. Mark it on your calendars! First Solo #ART Show is scheduled from June 16 – July 2 in #Medicine-Hat at The HIVE Gallery & Artists Hub Downtown! Please check the website for further details.