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Side View of a recent Poppy Painting

Side View of a recent Poppy Painting

Dear Friend,

May 20, 2014

Chocolate & Creativity

Since the Easter bunny arrived and left, there has been a significant increase in chocolate consumption in the house and at the studio. There’s simply too much chocolate available when I’m at home…Hershey Kisses, Ferraro Roche…the list goes on and on. The choice chocolate treat for me is the Cadbury Burnt Almond Dark. It’s a once in awhile snack I look forward to when I have a tea break in the afternoon. My once a day nibble has turned into an outright abuse of indulgence! Good thing the sun is finally shining and the blades of grass are shimmering. It makes me want to go for a run, or something akin to a run.

Due to the self-induced pressure of the solo show, instead of eating a wide variety of chocolate, I should be buckling down and attending to the paintings in front of me. But I think the two go hand-in-hand; that is painting for an upcoming exhibit and eating chocolate! A way to deal with the anxious creative flow needed to get the work done. It’s an avoidance activity for the days when the mind wanders. I’ve often wondered what other people do in their jobs for avoiding work. If you have a secret activity and want to share it – please comment! It just might give me some future ideas.

Back to the chocolate dilemma…what am I doing to overcome my chocolate crutch?

I keep a notepad on my desk and when I receive a brilliant (what I think is brilliant flash of something) I jot it down for remembrance later. I record my painting progress on a white board to keep track of how much I’ve completed. This way I can sneak a glance at it every now and again to feel like I’ve accomplished a task or two during the day. Organize. I organize and reorganize my paints, brushes and whatever else I think I am moving in the studio to relieve my anxiety. And, lastly, I wander the studio when someone else like Linda or Evelyn are here and bug them with my ideas.

Not the most original strategies, but its getting me through the stages of prepping my work. The final countdown is on, so I better go and paint…and just so you know, I hid the chocolate – my butt can’t handle it.

“Anxiety is the handmaiden of creativity. But it’s the recognition of the fear and the willingness to engage that matters” Chuck Jones, the legendary animator of Wile E. Coyote and Bugs Bunny.

The Little Brown Turtle
Theresa Eisenbarth
ArtWorks in RED Studio

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P.S. Mark it on your calendars…..First Solo #ART-show is scheduled from June 16 – July 2 in #Medicine-Hat at The HIVE Gallery & Artists Hub Downtown! Please check the website for further details.

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