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Dear Friend,

June 26, 2014

Its been an interesting journey connecting with random people walking into the Hive Gallery & Boutique for the past two weeks.

Today, I had a Sudanese guy come in from the city of Brooks to look at my work. He said he could see the bright colors from the sidewalk and the door was open to the gallery so he thought he just had to come in and see for himself.

We ended up having a one-hour conversation about art.

You see, art in the Sudan is not very coveted and appreciated as a gift to the world. Women there have many talents and create beautiful baskets he stated, but nobody stops to think about the “art” put into the craft. It is viewed as utilitarian object and not as art. Women become separated from treasures in their country more than women in Canada; from children the moment they give birth, war separates families from the Northern Sudan to the Southern part and Divorce breaks down personal bonds as families are divided into two pieces. Art is separated from the creators everyday.

His point was people all over the world have all sorts of gifts. We, in Canada have opportunities to incorporate these gifts into our lives-they do not. He waved his arms around the artwork covering the walls in the gallery to emphasize his point.

“These pieces,” he stated, “are a reflection of me. A separation from the artist given as a gift for others to see- that is what art is about, a gift to others.”

I fully agreed. I took some pictures of him in front of my work and he left with a smile.

In Canada we are truly blessed. As he left, I was reminded of these blessings bestowed upon me….”count your blessings” comes to mind. Even though this is a common saying, I found myself thinking about this after he walked out the door. Maybe he was sent as a reminder in the physical form to emphasize the point?

Today is the last day of the “essence” art-show. I am thankful for the reminder – however and whomever delivers it.

“angels are among us and we never know who is here to remind us – in all kinds of forms”

Theresa Eisenbarth
the Little Brown Turtle who could
ArtWorks in RED Studio