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Dear Friends,

November 12, 2014

I’ve been sketching in oil pastels before I start a small original painting.

Focus and staying focused while painting can be a tricky task. If I do a sketch before I start, it mentally preps my mind’s intention for the actual painting process. It also helps as warm-up practice before I tackle the major commission projects in the studio.

First, I browse through my photos and decide on isolating a particular area. I like to focus on a magnified part of the picture-some minute detail I may have not noticed before.  I often will use a cropped mat board as an aid in the beginning and move the crop around until a subject matter catches my eye. Yes, I could do this in photoshop, but I like the hands on approach and it’s much faster.

Will post the small original painting when it’s done. I might add some snow to mimic the cold weather outside today….

All of these small paintings are for sale. If you’d like to see them in the studio, please send me an email or text me through Facebook to arrange a viewing time at the studio.

The Little Brown Turtle
ArtWorks in RED Studio
contemporary artist
Theresa Eisenbarth

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