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Dear Friends,
November 21, 2014

Today’s sketch for a new painting.

Yes, it is back to trees once more!

This painting is a commission for one of my many sister’s. This is the fourth sketch I’ve done for her over the last few months. It started with aspen trees and she wasn’t sure that’s what she wanted for her living room space. Then I sketched out a path with stairs going down into a park…nope, she didn’t like that either and ended up buying another painting. So, here I am back to the trees again. I will wait and see what she says. She has awesome new furniture with a matching chair set. I believe the long horizontal format of the art-piece will work great over her new grey couch. The chairs have a very busy, but beautiful floral pattern on them. I was thinking that the design of the trees would go nicely and compliment the pattern of the chairs.  You can’t have flowers on top of flowers, or can you?

My goal is to take those bright cherry, grey and warm creams and tie them into the painting. | can feel her waffling on the trees, but I’m determined she will like it. If not,  I reassured her that I will paint her some flowers and I can always sell the aspen tree painting to someone else. At least she’ll have a nice art- piece to look at until the other one is completed.

Of course, I’ll add my own pop of colors, texture, text and all those other elements to make it mine.

Hope you have a Happy Friday!

The Little Brown Turtle
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P.S. Mark it on your calendars! ” Two Views” ART Show scheduled for February 7, 2014 at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat. More details to come on the website soon!