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Dear Friends,
December 30, 2014

Making adjustments is part of any job. It’s the same in day-to-day life as it is in painting. Planning and preparedness can only go so far. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way one plans!

I’ve been struggling with my upcoming show and have had to look at finishing work differently than originally planned. I keep telling myself to step back and analyze the big picture. What can I get done in the given time-frame? You see, the time-slot for the show was shorter than expected. It went down like this; I found out about the show approval in October while on holidays. Hubby (god bless his soul) built the cradleboard’s in November. My sister and I, prepared a super slick faux finish and had completed these later than planned by the first part of December. With the show in February, it did not leave enough time for me to paint the way I wanted to paint.

So…where do I go from here ? I am a “creative” so it should be easy, right? No. Its not.  As an artist,  I still have a persistent vision of where I want the art pieces to go….the question is how much do I give in and let go and how what do I sacrifice?

The more I get into this art-making, the more I realize I am in the business of making adjustments. To get it “right” in the first place is increasingly difficult. It seems to be the smallest of the details that can make or break a piece of artwork. For example, how thick or thin a line is in the distance or what color of green I use in the foreground or how I layer a colored gel over an area to achieve the right value…all of these details contribute to the final overall piece and work towards my sense of satisfaction. Seems like it should be an easy task, placing the right shape here or there, adding the right hue, or adjusting the right colour. I have figured that’s the “opportunity” and also the “constraints” to painting. The opportunity and excitement lies in the fact that my control can be changed and relinquished. The constraints usually translate into a lack of time.

When I review an art piece or private commission, the painting looks complete; almost as if it was painted easily and quickly. If only the viewer knew how many times an area was painted, re-painted and adjusted to make it look that way. It’s a sense of trust in the end that gets the painting to the finished look. Something I’m still working on…..

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P.S. Mark it on your calendars! ” Two Views” ART Show scheduled for February 7, 2015 at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat. More details to come on the website soon!