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In the Studio Working by Theresa Eisenbarth

In the Studio Working by Theresa Eisenbarth

Dear Friends,
January 26, 2015

As a practicing artist, I’ve learned something this past week.

When I try to avoid creativity and tune out ideas, there has to be another mechanism to let thoughts release; It’s like a caged animal with pent up energy pacing the floor. This can have disastrous effects on those around me and my relationships. When one feels overwhelmed by circumstances, its better to avoid people until things can be sorted. Small steps must be taken or you end up with a situation that escalates out of control. All feelings need to be released at some point otherwise you feel jammed up and things continue.

It seems sometimes in our culture to deal with anxiety or stress, we tend to add more things in our life to make it all better…..more coffee, more food, more work or more chocolate. Instead of listening to our anxieties in order to cope and take steps to alleviate the stress, we let more of the unnecessary ” in” – not “out” to fix the problem.

This is the band-aid solution and has to be dealt with ASAP! Otherwise we “snap”; take a friend’s advice wrongly, yell at our kids and play the victim mentality. Even talk radio drives you batty.

Yes, letting things out is the trick to a fluid life.

It’s like an elastic band….stretch it out too far and its tight and taunt, let it relax and its loose and malliable. When you are tight and stuck, there’s no wiggle room to let the flow and creativity happen. You need to slowly release the band, let it relax and let the ideas flow again.

It’s all about those small steps. This is pretty elementary, but try this next time when you are in a jam and need help:

1)Make a list,

2)Adhere to one item on the list by slowly making a plan to finish one thing at a time.

3)Take a red pen and physically “check” off the item to feel like you have had one small success.

I often use my Day-Timer or my dry erase board. This way it visually reinforces the success idea and leads you to the next item on your list.

Instead of discounting the things that disrupt your projects, try these tactics to aid your creative energy and fuel your projects forward.

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P.S. Mark it on your calendars! ” Two Views” ART Show scheduled for February 12, 2015 at Medalta Potteries in Medicine Hat, Alberta.