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Artist, Theresa Eisenbarth in front of the Cypress Club, Medicine Hat

Artist, Theresa Eisenbarth in front of the Cypress Club, Medicine Hat

Dear Friends,
March 21, 2015

For the last Art Exhibit at Medalta Potteries, we hired a photographer and videography to capture the details of the event.

I’ve realized recently that this seems to be a recurring trend in my work – one of documenting. At the opening night when I was thinking about what I was to say in front of what I thought to be a paralyzing crowd, the theme of documenting came up over and over again. This last art exhibit is a true connection to my past and childhood of documenting my time and walks amongst the downtown and flat streets. These memories are powerful. They remind me of an innocent tim; they are pure emotion. Maybe this is the attraction.

People look at our streets and see the same boring building. I look at these streets and see distinct facets of a city in a flux of change with unbreakable ties  in realtion to a rural life. You only need to go to a downtown store and see the Hutterite people to be reminded of this rurality.

The downtown building series will continue for me. I like the pesonal connection with the stories I remembered from my childhood years. I think this story-telling and the historical aspects of the buildings create a powerful reminder that our boring downtown buildings indeed have something to say to us in the present day.

Here is the video Artist, Wendy Struck from the The Hive Artists’ Hub and I had contracted to Kloie Picot to document the show.

Please share it with your friends…..

Theresa Eisenbarth