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Paradise Valley Golf Course

Dear Friends,

June 11, 2015

Recently I branched out and decided to join Ladies League at Medicine Hat Golf and Country Club. Yes – to all you seasoned golfers, I probably should have joined Paradise Valley Par 3.

You see, a friend of mine said “Join……….” it will be so much fun!” then proceeded to not have any room left on her highly active team. I joined anyways. I do not know a soul. How can I live all my life in Medicine Hat and not know anyone at golf league? I guess I live in a small world or I would now say a “bubble”.

After only three times attending league and swinging clubs, I believe painting and golf have very many silimilarities. Here are only a few:

1) It’s all about the strokes.
As in painting, strokes count; too many over does the artwork, but well placed intentional strokes give the best outcome.

2) It looks easy, but in actuality, is deceptively difficult. Many people when they view a painting comment that they can paint the very picture on the wall before them – I challenge them to try! Painting and golf (which look so easy) have many unexpected barriers to challenge the participant to direct the ball and paint to where it is suppose to drop on the green or place on the painting. A golfer swings, connects and hits that white little ball straight down the faraway. Will it hit a sand trap or a water hole? Will the painter take a risk and add a new element to the art piece?

Painting can be as equally difficult. A mix of colours, themes, textures and unexpected blocks; usually created by the artist, can lead the painting into a quick downward spiral. Unfortunately, there are not as many proven techniques to finish strong, get to the flag and complete the course in painting.

3) A well placed ball can win the game.
There are many proven strategies to improve a golf game. Your game is easier won with a well placed ball on the course. In painting, a well placed strong colour can finalize the elements and take one to the finish line faster than toiling over detail.

4) “Loosey Goosey” with the swing makes the game easier.
A loose and well relaxed stance when approaching the big swing can make all the difference to a straight shot. It helps one avoid the dredded “slice” off into the trees. Like the relaxed swing in golf, a painting arm which retains it’s looseness can be an artist’s best friend. Loose and flowing movement improves the overall effectiveness and flow of creative energy of the artwork and can help the artist achieve results beyond expectation.

So among many theories in painting and many theories in golf – I will continue my golf and painting comparisons. Both I find a welcome challenge. If you are reading this an are on the golf course soon, don’t be afraid to provide a few tips to improve my stroke!!

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