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Dear Friends,
June 22, 2015

I had posted this painting image before while it was awaiting some revisions. The purchaser kept in in her kitchen for awhile to look at it and see if any changes were forthcoming. It is advantageous for the artist to do this as well; I can fully look at the painting in their lighting and environment and come to some decisions about elements within the work. Usually, I brighten the overall key of the painting. My studio is presently work in a basement, therefore, my artwork tends to be on the darker, more mysterious side….so I tend to think!

I love everything about Medicine Hat and Redcliff – our local are is so unique! I have been longing to paint the greenhouse veggies.  I am a faithful customer and go once a week to pick up my supply of fresh produce. Vegetables tend to be a traditional art genre and even still, exploring the subject matter has provided me with a deep appreciation of the leaves, texture and colour.

We are so lucky to have local green house operators who keep the cost down when you purchase produce directly from their locations. I know my kids wouldn’t know what to do without their sour cream, cucumber salad!

Today, I delivered this artwork.

You will notice the unusual edges on the painting – the checkerboard pattern. At first, I was not very keen on the idea of incorporating this into the work, but we quickly came to a compromise on the pattern. It`s not like I am hard to work with, but I thought that placing the pattern on the front of the artwork would detract from the overall sense and message of the painting. Our design solution was to place it on the sides of the birch cradleboard; when you walk into her kitchen, you see the pattern on the sides of the painting as well as on the matching kitchen floor tiles.

I have to say it looks great!

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Thanks to my collectors for their patience and commissioning artwork! I couldn’t paint without their support!

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