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Tree REGINA Exhibit
REGINA Exhibit

Dear Friends,
August 5, 2015

Well… are the paintings for the Regina Art Showcase! They are sitting on three tables and are drying with their final picture varnish.

I’m thinking there is benefit in planning events and showing artwork. How else can you develop artistically on a long term basis? It’s all about finding people who respond and provide feedback on what’s going on in your studio. Showing your work provides a necessary boost to move into the next art-project and become bolder in ones painting approach.

This is my first attempt to show art outside Medicine Hat. It will be nerve-racking for me and I have no expectations other than to meet some great, new people.

Why Regina you ask?  Simply put, my sister Jocelyn lives there. Among other benefits, I have a free place to stay and am SUPER well-fed with her Julia Child style cooking….( although I probably could cut back on the food) she’s such a great cook, I can’t resist eating! She also has a whole circle of friends that are invited to her backyard, Garden Party every year. She decided it would be a nice touch to show art in her beautiful surroundings, so I agreed.

My artwork then moves to The Willow Restaurant on Wascana Lake and will stay there until October 15. If you know people who live there or are traveling through, please ask them to stop or stop yourself at the restaurant and have look. I’d appreciate it.

I’ve decided “it’s all an experiment.”

Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art. Leonardo da Vinci

The Little Brown Turtle
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