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34 x 18 in | Acrylic and Mixed-Media on Birch

34 x 18 in | Acrylic and Mixed-Media on Birch

Dear Friends,
September 9, 2015

“Standing Proud” is one of the pieces I have painted for the up and coming art exhibit at Paradise Valley Golf Course on September 26th.

I really was attracted to this image due to the tree to the right of the teepee. Although the teepee is now an iconic symbol for Medicine Hat, those of you who know my work can relate to my love of trees. I was inspired by it’s upright stance – it states how proud it is to be shining in the beautiful Medicine Hat sunshine.

Even though I’ve chosen to paint views of a golf course, the spectacular views seen here by a golfer riding or walking along with their clubs still can be alone with nature in this setting. As Vincent Van Gogh stated, trees are:

” As beautiful in line as an Egyptian obelisk, a splash of black in the sunny landscape”, wrote Vincent in 1889.

Trees have personalities and display these characteristics in their stance. Some species droop in despair, others display their wide voluptuous arms…..tall and reaching up towards the sky. Firmly rooted, quiet and noble, trees anywhere are homes to many creatures, provide needed shade and give their warmth unconditionally for humans and animals alike. They indicate a marking of the day in their long shadows to indicate time….I love the long lines made in our sun city.

I hope you can make it to the art show to see them.

“To be alone with nature is to be one with nature” stated painter Peter Ewart

Paradise Valley Golf Course + ArtWorks in RED Studio
September 26, 7-10 pm
Paradise Valley Clubhouse

The Little Brown Turtle
ArtWorks in RED Studio
Theresa Eisenbarth
visual artist | contemporary painter
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