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Paradise Valley Art Exhibit

Paradise Valley Art Exhibit | 36 x 50 in | Acrylic and Mixed-Media on Birch

Dear Friends,
September 21, 2015

If you’ve been reading my journal lately, you know that I am painting for a solo show for this up and coming Saturday at Paradise Valley Golf Course.

Another “In-progress” painting. This is my showcase piece: nothing like working right up to the deadline of the show….it might even be hung wet on the wall.

Most of my day-to-day painting is visual problem solving, looking at half-finished work and deciding what can be adjusted or fixed. The excitement is mounting, although at this point my patience is running thin. Studio practice has a little more to do with a level of persistence to be able to follow through to the end. I arrive at the studio, set up the work and start painting. I step back, figure out what to do next and set challenging tasks to keep my interest piqued for the long day…it’s about keeping the power revved up for completion.

I’ve used a different colour palette in this golf course series. Who says that a golf course has to be painted in green? Each painting has evolved in its own right and complexity; The graphic line in some of the work has taken over, while in other pieces are more subtle…its a little dance of colour and line.

I probably wont realize which pieces go together until after the show is hung up!

Join me for the show. Hope to enjoy a glass a wine with you and say hello…

Paradise Valley Golf Course + ArtWorks in RED Studio
September 26, 7-10 pm
Paradise Valley Clubhouse

Theresa Eisenbarth | ArtWorks in RED Studio

P.S. There will be limited select prints (8.5 X 11 in) available for sale the night of the opening!