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ArtWorks in RED Gallery

ArtWorks in RED Gallery Dear Friends,
November 2, 2015

How quickly time goes! It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but I am back to a regular painting schedule.

You’re probably thinking ” finally she is back…I’m at work, tucked into my office everyday!”  Yes, I realize that, but there is so many other tasks to start, finish and organize. I use this time away from the painting studio to do just these items; picking up or moving artwork, fulfilling orders for cards and prints, following up on my website and working on related paperwork.

I often have sequential projects in mind for the art business end of things, they just need a “birth” of sorts to get these off the ground. I often comment that one project takes three times the amount of hours to get started!

Tomorrow, I have the Curator, Joanne Marion coming to my studio. I’ve been laying out artwork and hanging up pieces so they are off the floor and the shelves….all in the hope to apply for my first national gallery show. Many Medicine hatters don’t realize that our dear Esplanade Gallery has a different mandate than most other local galleries as it is ultimately a national gallery with travelling shows.

Wish me luck…if you have suggestions for setting up my gallery, please email me at Theresa@ or fill out the form with your suggestive details.

Chat soon….Theresa

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