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Dear Friends,
November 14, 2015
St. Mary's Christmas Bazaar I’d like to invite you today to come visit me at St. Mary’s School.

I’m here at this Christmas Bazaar today in support of a great local cause: St. Mary’s School FINE ARTS Parent Society. I normally have not attended any of these fairs for various reasons. My friend pushed me into it with a sponsorship for the table. At first I placed up a couple of boundaries, thought of about 10 excuses not to attend, but by the end of last weekend, I realized she was wise and right. (Yes, Teresa, you were right)

This school is near and dear to my heart and I should and am supporting their cause to raise money for the FINE Arts program. The table reserve supports the program at the school and crafty, artsy people like me have an opportunity to sell their wares.

My daughter Sarah attended this school in this very program, of which I am extremely grateful. For a kid that has a super personality, generous at heart and naive in some ways, this arts program took her in, accepted her in all her awkward, adorable ways and gave her an opportunity to shine in some of her most gifted talents. This program brings out the best in youth. The fine arts program encourages a vast range of skills such as public speaking in drama, dynamic vocals and a diverse art-making. For my daughter, she blossomed under this program and found her voice and her way. It showed her through art practice that she had something worthwhile and beautiful to contribute through her talents. Now, who would not wish that for their child?

Please come visit today and support their efforts in raising funds for their continuation of the arts program. You don’t necessarily have to purchase from me as there will be over 30 tables selling all sorts of items.

You may just find that one special gift.


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