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Acrylic black gesso on birch panel | 26x20 inches | Private Collection

Medicine Hat’s Grassroots

Dear Friends,
January 11, 2016

This was a recent painting done as a private commission for the Smythe residence on 1st Street SE in Medicine Hat. I’ve used the copper-penny finish similar to my “Medicine Hat Series” I had completed for the Medalta Art Exhibit.  I believe I won’t be happy until I’ve painted every landmark building in Medicine Hat! Partly due to the fact that I personally receive a significant satisfaction about reminiscing and historically documenting growing up in a small city such as Medicine Hat.

The Woodland Smythe Residence is listed as a “heritage resource” building in the municipal records. It is immediately recognizable as an older building due to the location, architectural detail and the classic red brick exterior. The present owner tells me that the home has been owned by only five families in its lifetime.

It was built in 1914 and was originally a home for a  Dr. George Hart Woodland. It’s associated with Medicine hat’s health care services during Pre-First World War Period due to the fact that this general practitioner chose Medicine Hat in 1905 to practice medicine alongside another doctor named, Dr. Charles Smythe.

The front left side of the facade of the home was modified and used as a examination/waiting room for patients.  A two-storey addition was added to the rear of the residence shortly after it was first built. To this day, there is a side-entrance marked by a green door. This was the old entrance for patients coming to and fro to see the doctor at this location – the rooms are still there today. As you will notice in the painting, the left side is distinctly different from the right side. The collector and I had many conversations about changing this part of the architecture to resemble the original home the way it was built. In the end, it was decided to paint it from the frontal angle I admire and keep the house as it stands today.

As I walked the interior of the home with the owner, I was awestruck on how immaculate parts of the home are the same as in 1914. Original fireplaces, light fixtures and a grand room on the third floor used for previous parties and aristocracy of Medicine Hat all spoke to me as a walk in a memory of time. It’s a beautiful example of the grandeur of historic homes in an older neighborhood and contributes to the uniqueness of our dear city.

Thanks to the owner for supporting local art with this commissioned art-piece. It proudly hangs in the kitchen now and was my pleasure to paint another beautiful residence and historic landmark of Medicine hat’s history.

The Little Red Turtle
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A Retrospective; Featuring paintings from 2015
January 1-31, 2016
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