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The Color RED

Journal originally posted February 29, 2012

The Color RED  –  a color I love.


I was thinking about Valentine’s Day today as it is the day for many couples and lovers to celebrate their special union….AND, I was thinking about my favorite color – the color red.  If you know me and my artwork, you’ll know I use a little touch of red in every single painting. It’s because it’s meaning has been attributed, written and painted about in terms of heartbreak, passion and everything HOT!

It is attributed to so many things in life…good and bad. Here are just a few:

It represents unbridled passion.

It is used to demonstrate love in the form of a heart; breaking heart, heart full of love and heart with arrows.

It reminds you of death – at the sight of blood.

It elicits excitement.

It is representative of a fiery bite of food.

It reminds you of lips with a sweet kiss…..

My first painting will be of something red. Maybe all the colors of red in one painting: a valentine to myslef and to others to view…..Be My Valentine.

Little RED Turtle
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