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Poppy-ArtWorks in RED Studio_Theresa Eisenbarth

8×8 on Paper. $160 Framed, $110 Unframed.

Dear Friends,
March 10, 2016

It seems it`s a poppy day today!

I`ve been working on small little treasures again in an effort to build up some small stock to sell around town. I liked the flow, line and of course, the colour RED in this one painting. We will see how the others turn out this week!

If you are interested in a gift for yourself or for someone else, please contact me to purchase.

The Little Brown Turtle
+ ArtWorks in RED Studio
Expressionist Artist


email: theresa@artworksinred

Next Art Exhibit
Cypress Club, Downtown Medicine Hat
Opening Reception: June 30, 2016 | 7-10 pm