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Dear Friends,
March 16, 2016

Part of creating a piece of artwork means making adjustments along the way.

Some artists are very particular in their work. They methodically draw out every detail to match the vision in their head. When the artwork does not go as planned, they become discouraged. This can be a downfall and set an artist back for many weeks.

When you work on a piece, like the new artwork included here, there are a series of adjustments made along the way. Texture, hues, shape and color all have to create a pattern in the end for the painting to work cohesively. Until this level is achieved, the painting is not completed. It’s pretty darn difficult some-days, even impossible the first time around.

Many adjustments are minor, even trivial to the outside viewer. In actuality, it’s this small and trivial stuff that makes the difference. For example, yellow to orange as first painted, then red to cool blue to brilliant blue. It’s always a matter of observing and seeing; a fine dance of layering color beside color in order to find the necessary steps in the pattern to discover the next series of possibilities.

Adjustments along the way is the necessary recipe for all maker moments. In the end, it’s a matter of processing as you go. Identify the shapes. Simplify. See the big picture. Let the painting tell you what it needs.

It all means making adjustments.

The Little Brown Turtle
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Expressionist Artist


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