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Dear Friends,
April 21,2016

Happy Spring.

The warmer weather provides much needed inspiration on the last days of winter.

Here are some NEW original ArtWorks I’ve completed and are part of a SmallWorks art series –and I have to say- I think they are some of my favorites! These works are exploring a new abstract landscapes subject for me but continuing on my exploration of colour an texture….they are just minimized and more compact than my larger works.

The smaller pieces range from 6×6 inches to 8×8 inches.

Allan Jensen from the Hat Art Club told me last year that I should get in the habit of painting small works every month. This forces an artist on creating pieces with the same intensity as the large ones. The only distinct difference is that paint strokes need to be more measured, more precise.

The other thing that jumped out to me as the amount of work these little pieces are compared to the larger pieces. They don’t take as much time to paint them, but ALL the administrative work is the same with the smaller pieces. I guess I had not thought of this earlier. The “after-painting follow-up” process looks something like this for me:

-catalogue the artwork on my inventory sheet
-photograph for future reference
-do up a Certificate of Authenticity for the piece (copy this document for my records)
-label the back of the painting with the title and inventory number
-sign the sides
-varnish the artwork

These are currently hanging in Salon Purity Hair Salon in Medicine Hat and are for sale at the salon. They range in price from $60-$85. You can pay on-the-spot with MasterCard or Visa.

Hope you can stop by and say hello to Michael and Paul and view the art pieces. They would make great Mother’s Day gifts for next month.

The Little Brown Turtle
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