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Dear Friends,
May 19, 2016

This was my last commission project.

It was for a front foyer of a renovated home in Medicine Hat and we had been going back and forth on deciding on a date for completion for many months.

From my perspective, it was an interesting painting as it utilized a palette of colors I normally don’t choose to paint. My work is high-key in color and quite bright. The couple requested some of the painting colors mimic their new, interior color scheme which use a variety of neutral colors and white. Normally I would say “no” to this type of project as I am often heard stating “the painting does not require to match the interior: it should stand on it’s own”. But hey…. I’m always up for a challenge!

I admit that I did struggle with the color palette of Cadmium yellow, greys and white. The issue when working in white is that the neutrals you can mix still need to look white, but take on a blue-white or a warm-white and a cast of the other colors which surround the white. Looking at it now, I did add my own personal touch (once again) and added purple as the dark value to the mix. Purple is not in the interior colors but I felt the image needed contrast.

Technically in painting, neutrals are historically important and many artists still follow this academic perspective in painting: I do not – as evident from my work. Most other technical painters mix the proper neutral and then apply it or blend it with the other colors as they work all over the on the painting surface. I mix some neutrals (not many) and layer them in sequence. For instance, if I need a blue to be toned down or “greyed”,  I would first apply the blue, then follow with a red-orange glaze on top. This visually changes the color, one layer at a time as I glaze with one color over the other. I can’t seem to figure out how to paint with neutrals and this method of painting makes more sense to me.

So much for my technical advice! But I do hope you enjoy the painting today as I think it’s going to rain.


At the same time that I’m finding the color world I want, I’m also trying to make the imagery, you know, by the nature of the strokes themselves.
~ Chuck Close

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