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Dear Friends,
June 2, 2016

Here is some new work. It’s again another tree – surprise!

This one was done quickly and seemed to come together with it’s layers or paint. I’ve been sick with the flu the last little while and am behind on my next show. I guess I was feeling sorry for myself so I called it “Lone Tree.”

I couldn’t even make my self anything to eat…and didn’t have my hubby to take care of me. Feeling dejected, I crawled downstairs and had Ivan come upstairs to make me some home-made chicken noodle soup. I laid on the couch and recounted the cooking instructions while he chopped, diced and cooked the soup.

….feeling better now…must paint some trees grouped as a unit 🙂

12 x 24 inches on canvas, unframed $596. Please contact me to purchase.

The Little Brown Turtle
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