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Dear Friends,
July 18, 2016

I’m in Magna Bay on the North Schswap Lake and am working on my show for September.  Today in Shuswap, I thought the weather was finally going to clear. As I look outside, it’s starting to cloud over again. It’s been non-stop rain in sunny B.C., but I understand that Medicine Hat has had crazy weather the past few weeks as well.

I’m painting outside now but as I look at the dark cloud above the hills, I’m debating whether I should pack up and resettle in the R.V. once again. It’s been a parade of in and out of the trailer to beat the weather.


That’s what my neighbour Geoff calls this type of camping. Glamour + Camping has many advantages. I am easily mobile from the outside to the inside in a few minutes, I can go down to the dock and look out at the lake for a change of scenery or I can close up everything, hide and paint inside and nobody bothers me.

In this type of studio setup, you have to be more accommodating with your art and supplies. The easel and paints are stored under the trailer while the panels and cradleboards and stored in the back bedroom for Ivan to hop over and work around. When it’s been pouring rain, I setup at the kitchen table with the soft light streaming through from the back window. When it’s sunny, I move my studio outside and work under the awning of the trailer. I’m getting use to the different easel heights, camping chairs and awkward angles. There’s a little bit of testing involved everyday with all the art paraphernalia. I’m constantly shuffling this or that board, palette or brush holder to see how handy I can make things to be able to paint for a stretch of time.

The other RV campers ask “why are you painting away from your studio”?

“It’s more to do with being gone for an extended period of time. I’ve got an art show to finish!” I reply.

I’ve figured its about boiling down life to the simplest of things. Without ample distractions, focus comes more naturally and the brush can find its own way on the paintings. There’s a schedule to keep everyday with finished paintings checked off a very long list.

Painting begins once again for the day.Even in the trailer when it rains, the windows are wide open and I listen to the sounds of the birds calling and start again.

“Nothing builds confidence like accomplishment” ~Thomas Carlyle

Next Art Exhibit
Cypress Club, Downtown Medicine Hat
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22, 2016 | 7-10 pm

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