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medicine hat arena

I have many memorable experiences at the old Arena.

In the 70’s, the local trade-show, a relatively new idea back then, was held there on the walkable, rink level.

I must have been about 8 years old and went to peruse the exhibition. There was a local car dealership/display that had a draw. If you picked a key from hundreds in a bucket and opened the lock, you won a battery operated radio you could carry around and listen. You have to remember that there was no real listening devices you could carry with you as this was a new invention to take your music “with you as you go”.

I stood in the lineup, bare with no opportunity to buy or purchase a car from the salespeople and grasped my ticket in my sweaty hands to open the lock. I remember getting to the front of the line and digging my hand into a bucket, swirling the keys like a tornado and pulling out my key. I had butterflies in my stomach and a sick feeling: I knew I was going to win. I stepped up to the front of the line, turned the key and the lock opened!

I won the radio and felt really chic walking around the flats with CJCY radio blaring for all to hear.

It was this moment that confirmed that there was something bigger and more benevolent than myself guiding me and looking out for my best intentions.