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Dear Friends,
December 8, 2016

Cant believe it’s December already.

This is my latest project…..a large piece for a local law office.

I’m not able to take a decent photograph of the artwork as I don’t’ have enough physical distance in my crammed make-shift studio space at home.

The Medicine Hat Courthouse building is proving to be a very challenging: many lines, and many colors to coordinate. The complication and intricacy of the artwork is layered in complexity in the fact that is a perfect symmetrical building. My artwork of the Medicine Hat Building Series is an “impression” of sorts and never a perfect rendition of the actual building.  I pride myself on being an expressionist painter…so lines are smudged, others dodged, many perfect lines fade away and colors are changed, altered  and brightened. I state to clients “if you’d like a perfect painting rendition, then a digital camera is your solution”.

As I’m painting this building, I relate to the complicated scenarios of justice, court trials, conversations, tears of joy or sadness encapsulated in the small spaces of the interior. If these walls could talk, oh, what a myriad of narrative stories would be told. This narrative keeps running through my mind as I re-run over lines, add more yellow and straighten corners. It’s almost like the artwork has it’s own voice now. It relays the complication of the interior events as they play out in my brush.

Will be interesting how the marathon of this work will finish. I have two days to do so….better get back to work.

Little Brown Turtle
+ ArtWorks in RED Studio
Expressionist Artist


Art Exhibit
Cypress Club, Downtown Medicine Hat
On until Friday, December 16, 2016

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