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An acrylic painting of Fir Trees in painting progress by Canadian artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Fur Tree - In ProgressDear Friends,
January 20, 2017

There’s just something about trees.

If you ask any painter about a subject matter that is a favorite thing to paint, it is trees. All kinds and types of trees – small, large, tilted, swayed, branches full-on or full-off, fir, evergreen and birch. I think it is because they have so much character in their positions and seem so lonely in the wild landscape.

I guess that is why I relate to them on a deep level. As a working artist it can feel lonely working in the studio some days. But I know this a a necessary evil to get the artwork completed. These trees stand in the cold for us to admire and observe and there is no complaining about their lot in life, so I don’t complain either. They are very meditative to paint and call you to come back and finish their branches; enveloping you and taking you along with them for only a short time.

I started this tree a few days ago and it is a work-in-progress. I’m having fun laying down the layers of paint, gel and purple snow as I gaze out my window at the barren sidewalk.

12 x 16 inches
Gel and Acrylic Media on Birch, UF
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Have a GREAT Weekend!

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