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A photo of a poppy called “Pink Poppy" by Canadian artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Dear Friends,
May 31,2017

Everyone is so crazy busy these days. I often think that technology is a hindrance, not a help and is making our lives frantic with all the pressures of posting on social media platforms. Although its a necessary part of the workplace, I find it ever more increasingly important to take time to do the things, hobbies and activities I actually LOVE.

Like in life, painting can have some of these pressures. I’ve had a “friendly” reminder recently that it is important to take my time when creating a piece of artwork. When my girlfriend was sick in the hospital, I had sent her a layout of my new commission. Her sister Phyllis remarked later that she turned to her and said ” she’s so talented, look at this.” and proceeded to show her my recent photo.  If I reflect on this moment and key things I’ve come to realize about producing artwork, it is crucial to remember the method and the “why” behind the art. All the puzzle pieces naturally fall into themselves when I make time to fully appreciate the process.

When I was painting last summer at the lake, I implemented some key practices to keep up a heavy production schedule. First, I would handwrite my daily intentions in a sketch book right away in the morning. I’ve recently started this practice again and find my work is more focused, less hurried and frees my mind for the task at hand. Secondly, I use to work for shorter durations of time so I could stretch, walk the dog or go to the beach for an hour. I’ve been playing with this work method again in my Medicine Hat studio.  Instead of trying to do the five-hour marathon, I’ll work for three solid hours….. and, not surprisingly, I’m finding shorter bursts of time are more productive.

Each artwork has a personality and an art statement. If I’m too busy and find myself rushing,  I miss the essence of the artwork and more importantly, how I am to create it!

Happy painting….please share if you have a practice that helps you focus on your time and work habits.

The Little Brown Turtle
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