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An acrylic painting of a Pear called “Side Bump" by Canadian artist Theresa Eisenbarth

Dear Friends,
June 28, 2016

I have just recently announced my last private art show in Medicine Hat.…in case you are wondering, it’s October 12th at the historic Cypress Club building again. Please mark this on your calendar if you plan to attend this year.

Thinking about the upcoming work production schedule and perfectionism came up recently in a couple of conversations; once with my doctor and the other time with a student at one of my last paint nights this month. Both individuals seem to have the impression that I am a perfectionist with my art work. I was slightly surprised and taken aback by this line of thinking as with most aspects in life, art is never perfect.

Creativity comes with two things….a private standard of responsibility and level of satisfaction. I can dream, plan and execute an artwork using a level of responsible actions. I can duplicate my preparations, approach and methods tried and true from past artwork. If I aspire to a perfect formula for creation, I should have a perfect piece of artwork every time. As you can see from some of my posts, this level of perfection doesn’t happen every day.

I also receive a certain level of satisfaction from knowing when the artwork is almost done and that I now have the strength to walk away. My level of understanding in terms of control This is far less a lof perfection as it is more a level of being satis with my accomplishments.. Robert Genn used to say that leaving an artwork 90 % painted will result in work that is not over done.

Both of these items I feel are important support mechanisms for continual creation. Just like in daily body exercising, pulsing the creative muscle improves strength and endurance every day.

Claude Monet stated that ” I am deeply disgusted with painting. It is a continual torture”. But then again, he was a grumpy old guy anyways!

Above painting is ” SIDE BUMP” 6 x 6 inches and is for sale. Please email me if interested in purchasing.