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Sunflowers Over My Head | An Acrylic painting by artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

Hey Friends,
I want to start off with a “SORRY”…

My app and technology skills are not the greatest, so It’s taken me awhile to get this email together and out to my followers. Sometimes, setting the one goal is the biggest obstacle to moving mountains.

UPDATING THE STUDIO: I have been busy updating the look of the art studio/gallery area. Up and down the ladder I have been to freshen up the space and anything else my handy little brush can muster.

I’ve also added new signage to the outside door. I found when I have given directions, people have a hard time finding the entrance; it was unmarked before. I’ve added a long strip on the right panel beside the door with my new logo and have added the address up above the door so there will be no mistaking the entrance. Probably about time!

NEW Eisenbarth Signage for Door and NEW LIGHTING: I’m super excited about the new LED lighting in the teaching area. My wonderful landlord has added all new LED lights to enhance the workspace. No more dark corners! It’s full-on bright!

They will also be adding new lights to the upstairs gallery and my art wall workspace. This should be completed by mid- August.

Signage from Artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

NEW ART GALLERY: I’ve been busy painting the walls, floors and anywhere else my handy paint brush can touch to bring a fresh, new look to the upstairs. I’ve also handsomely displayed all my artwork for visitors. Over the last six months, I’ve seen an increase in visitors to the gallery. I wanted a new, clean look to show you what I have to offer for gifts, for tourists, and of course, to my friends who stop by for a cup of java 🙂

My thoughts are to showcase the artworks and boldly display the various notecards, prints and other small items I have for sale. I am in the process of finding some gift boxes for small 6×6 iconic Medicine Hat framed prints. These will make a handy little gift for friends and/or tourists to fit in their suitcases.

OPEN HOUSE: When I’m finished painting my four tent signs, I’ll select a date for an open house in August. I’ll announce the date in my next, upcoming email (see that, I’ve already committed to another one next month)

Making these changes means that I am committed to growing my business here in Medicine Hat. I feel so much more confident. I feel like I’ve graduated to another level. I feel proud of the work we’ve done in the past, and the work we plan to do in this new space.

I’ll keep you posted on how this big jump affects our sales. You know me, I’ll tell you everything!

There are a few upcoming classes and workshops.


I’ll be hosting a five-hour workshop afternoon in Regina, Saskatchewan. It’s $90, plus GST and includes a meal. My sister Jocelyn makes an amazing lunch!

In this workshop, we will paint a familiar GAS LAMP photographed from Wascana Lake. We will work on layering color and learn how to use a ruler and a brush. Come prepared for the warmer weather and a fun-filled afternoon of chatting and painting.
Click here to see details on the website:


2-DAY ACRYLIC WORKSHOP FOR BEGINNERS. Want to create and play more in-depth with acrylics?

In this 2-DAY workshop, I’ll share all I know about acrylics! You will be able to incorporate text, work with acrylic mediums, gels and play with paint additives. I will teach you the differences between acrylic brand paints and take you on a trip to the art store!

Click here to see details on the website:

Downtown Medicine Hat Artwalk

I’ve booked the Cypress CLub to be a part of the Art Walk this year. Although I’m not having a large show as in the past two years, I will have some exciting NEW artwork to share on the main floor. More details about my plans will be in the August and September emails.

I’m pumped about participating in this event as I will be painting outdoors on the patio and will have an awesome new giveaway to people who attend the event.

Thanks for letting me share these things, I hope you know that I appreciate every single one of you very much!

Let’s stay in touch. If you have any comments, questions please feel free to email me at

Latest Artwork Commission

Sunflowers Over My Head | An Acrylic painting by artist, Theresa EisenbarthHave you ever wondered how a commission piece of artworks? We all have a story to share…maybe its about a person, a memory or a special place. I can encapsulate your story so they can last forever as a commissioned EISENBARTH painting. Click here to find out how it works!


Thanks and hope to see you soon.


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