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Dear Friends,
September 17, 2018

David Hockney said that there is an old Chinese proverb about creating art. It states that art is a melding of the Hand + Eye + Heart= ART.

David implies that art is another language.  The method of learning the language is important.

Part of learning the art language is panic. Being in an uncomfortable space so that you can learn.  I can only correlate the feeling to when I was learning Italian. There were days when everything was inside; bottled up because I could not speak or form the words and string the sentences together. I couldn’t make sense of them in any order to make legible sense to anyone else. Learning the art process again is like learning Italian.  I thought that I knew a lot about art, but I am coming to see that I am miles away from where I hope to be. (Maybe I should go back to Italy because I guess I didn’t appreciate the beauty of the art environment back 20 years ago. I was too busy dodging Italian men!)

But saying all this about the nuances of art production,  even I have moved past the panic stage.  The panic and pressure of feeling if I do not have a brush in hand at every second that I am not moving forward does not mean that I am not developing as an artist. The thinking of the art is also important to the entirety of the journey. It is part of developing ideas and practicing the language of art. Engrossing myself in the language of art is moving forward; reading books, listening to artist podcasts, art audiobooks and any media that has some essence of art.

It is the practice and focusing my mind on developing a method to work; keeping my mind or ego from doing crazy tricks. One day I think I am making great strides; the next I feel like I am flat on the ground floor and will never get back up. Developing a sense of structure for my studio is like learning another language for me.  The sentences are the structure I am working on every week to establish flow; the phrases are the steps in the day to keep me focused and the words are the drawing and the painting components; all the components work together to get me to the words….the central part of the language that binds everything together.

It is all a part of the process to be able to speak freely.

Leave a comment below if you would like to share about your art process.
(modified from a previous post from 24/04/2012)

Theresa Eisenbarth


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