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Dear Friends October 31, 2018 I have been changing and updating my website over the past week so I'll be ready to place an application to galleries in the near future. Upon looking through my paintings, this particular one struck me as super

Light was delivered to small rural towns by gas via the gaslight. I believe these lights are an iconic western symbol. They stand proud and are a testament to settlers who came to Western Canada to build a better

I remember the Pink Lantern as one of the first Chinese restaurants in the downtown core. Everyone stopped there for Chinese food; being close to Hat Hardware, it was easy to drop in for the buffet. I was

I’m a true believer in following your gut, particularly when it involves art + subjects. Over the past three years, this particular image has called me to capture it at various times of the day.

I love trees. I believe they have something unique to say. After much thought, I’ve decided I’m attracted to how they stand – the way they lean this way and that, the goofiness of the trunks and