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Acrylic painting, “ Dominion Street Back Alley, Medicine Hat " by Canadian artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

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Dominion Street Back Alley
Medicine Hat
16×12 inches

Yes, the famous back alley where I first learned to run the streets—literally.

I would take off my shoes and walk or run up and down the back alley in my bare feet. I had this idea that tough soles gave you a tough persona and running on the rocks would achieve that goal. I only put my shoes back on when I climbed the fence in the back of our yard, hit my leg on a long, rusty nail and then had to jump back down in the alley with all the rocks.

My mom was pretty mad because I had to get a tetanus shot and we didn’t have a car to get to the doctor’s office.

I still have that scar on my left leg.