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Dear ART Friends,
January 2019

Upon much pondering this year, I cannot move on from the word I chose last year. If you have followed my progress in my art journey, each year I choose a Word to Accept”. (this word is my mantra for the year). And, I choose a “Word to Let Go”.

I’ve done this exercise since I started creating art over six years ago. It seems like a simple thing….choose a word and get onto the next item on the agenda. But in actuality, it is like having a strategic plan; in art, in life, and in business. This one word encapsulates what I’m trying to achieve for a particular time frame.

Eisenbarth art studio space 2018

The word I chose last year was to “CREATE”. Create What you ask? ….the idea was to create my 40 odd pieces of artwork to have on hand to place me in a good position to be able to apply to commercial galleries. I did not complete this task on my list.

2018 was indeed a weird year.

From speaking with my friends, I think it was like that for many people. Projects did not go the way I had planned, my schedule was messed up and I did not produce as much work as I would have liked. So this is it; its’ the year to achieve this word so I can move onto the next project!

Choosing this word helps me focus on what I really need to achieve….not what I want to achieve. It forces me to dig down deep and sort out the difference between the “needs and the wants”.  I need to create 85 pieces of work this year as opposed to I want to create 200 pieces of artwork. See what a difference this makes in one’s own mind? It clarifies reality from disillusionment and keeps the ground steady to achieve realistic goals.
Do you do a similar practice at the start of each year? I’d love to hear from you.
Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.
Best regards,

P.S. the definition of creating means:

– bring (something) into existence…..Synonym: producegenerate, bring into being, makefabricatefashionbuild
– cause (something) to happen as a result of one’s actions. Synonym: bring about, give rise to, lead to, result in, causebreedgenerateengenderproduce, make for, promotefoster, sow the seeds of, contribute to
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