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Acrylic painting, “Your Deluxe Taxi Awaits, Medicine Hat " by Canadian artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

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Your Deluxe Taxi Awaits, Inspire Back Alley
Medicine Hat
42×32 inches

Medicine Hat’s alleys have both fascinated and scared me.

I was twelve and was walking home from a babysitting job. (I can’t believe they didn’t drive me home.)  It was winter and was starting to get past dusk and getting darker and darker. The streets were somewhat deserted except for a guy hanging out on the corner of Sixth and Second Street. As a street-smart teenager, I spotted this guy out of the right corner of my eye; I warily crossed the street and walked faster towards H & R Block (now Inspire Cafe) and the underground tunnel. I decided if he followed me, I’d switch back to the left side of Second Street and continue under the train bridge.  I was right in front of Lammle’s Western store (now Shut-Up and Wear It) when a surge of adrenaline made me suddenly turn right down the alleyway.

I ran to the Deluxe Taxi stand, where the lady sitting in the little cabbie house asked me what was wrong. I was obviously sweating and scared. She turned her head, nodded at one of the waiting cabs and motioned for me to jump in. I was so grateful that night for their kindness.