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Dear ART Friends,

Looking outside, I can see and feel the force of winter. The drifts of snow, the darkening sky and the orange glow which hovers over the horizon. This is a sign of new snow and nasty weather on its way.

I spend many days alone in the studio working. “If you are alone,” wrote Leonardo da Vinci, “you belong entirely to yourself.” Art requires solitude of concentration and can only be achieved with hours spent within oneself. Dreams come and go, miracles happen on the canvas and things unseen become seen. I have to admit, being alone can be hard: I miss going for lunch and joining the gym ladies, but when I do, I can’t stop thinking about the 1.5 hours I’ve just spent and what I may have accomplished in that amount of time in the studio.

Not every day is an “ON” day and you can’t possibly be “ON “all the time. There are days in which I walk from my second-floor office to the studio and back again several times without achieving a lot of production. Other days, I whiz through the tasks like I have been practising this all my life. In the end, I do prefer to be alone as for every distraction (for example, the phone ringing),  it takes me about 20 minutes to get back into my headspace again to paint. It can be a hard slog sometimes. But, I enjoy the routine, peace and the low blur of the PBS documentaries playing on the TV while I work….. I’m unable to have it completely quiet!

Picture of a TV in Theresa Eisenbarth's Art Studio, Medicine Hat

Alas, I’m back setting up in the home studio again.

Each year I challenge myself and add something new and exciting in this workspace. It keeps me motivated when I look out and see it’s bleak and grey outside. For instance, yesterday, I bought and set-up a new TV. Oooooooh, exciting you say! You’re thinking that all I’m doing is watching Netflix. Not true. My goal this year is to reduce the ink-jet printing of my photographs/images I use to paint and train myself to paint from a TV screen. I’ll need to make a few adjustments in order to do this as I usually have a ruler in my hand with paint on the edge from painting lines. It wouldn’t probably be good to use my ruler to measure a line on the painting and then measure it on the screen with fresh paint!

Do you like working alone? Do you have some special tips to keep you on track when alone? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.
“The happiest of all lives is a busy solitude” — Voltaire
Thanks for reading,
P.S. I’ve been accepted for an art show at the Esplanade Gallery here in Medicine Hat! Mark the opening reception date on your calendar. July 10th at 7 pm.
I’ll be sharing the stories behind the artwork as I paint through the artwork pieces.
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