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an acrylic painting by artist Theresa Eisenbarth called Connaught School, Medicine Hat

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Connaught School, Medicine Hat
16×12 inches

Connaught School is a superb learning environment I’m told from friends who had their kids attend for the French Immersion program.

I think it’s a great school as I had a dear friend Joanne Hamel teach there her whole working career. We would go for coffee downtown and she would field the hello’s and waves with an offhand comment “I taught their kids in Grade One or Grade Two”. Over coffee and a few snacks (:)) she would tell me the latest stories, bylines and cute incidents that happened with the kids. I’m sure all those kids loved her as she would and could and did foster a loving learning environment.

I do not know a ton of teachers, but if any of them are as close to Joanne in terms of work ethic and dedication, then cheers. I raise a glass of vino to you!  Her love of the written page, educational games and passion for children to create was evident in all her antics while in the classroom.

She is retired now.  I’m sure, truly missed.