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A photo of Theresa Eisenbarth's art wall in preparation for the Esplanade Exhibit

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On My Wall Today, February 3, 2020
Esplanade Exhibit Prep.

Looks like a wall in a classroom, but truly, no, it’s my studio wall at home.

I’m putting on some final touches on these two paintings  (black and white value sketches) before I start adding the colour. I like to work this way as I can get a feel for the painting before I start with the multitude of layers I will add in acrylic paint. This method of working provides a road map or a vision of what I’m working towards. The sort of nuances I’d like to see in the final painting.

Almost done. I’m planning on doing six more of these this week. Then I can start with the colour, mixed-media, keys and other elements I like to add in my work. the process seems “somewhat methodical”, but I assure you it’s far from that strict streak of paperwork and office routine.

Hey…I try. Keep posted for more images from the upcoming exhibit on July 10th, 2020.