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A photo of brushes in a jar in Theresa Eisenbarth's Studio

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Dear Friends,
March 19, 2020

Let there be light. Or, should I say, let ART be your light in isolation.

Yes! Let there be light in art and art practices in spite of all of the COVID-19 pandemic news.

While some people are buying essential groceries, art practitioners and hobbyists are buying art supplies. I recently had one of my students stocking up on some must needed art supplies. They both called and asked for instructions on what to purchase for type of mediums and paint products. They both wanted to have some new materials and projects to work on in case they are to be “stuck at home” in the upcoming weeks.

Art is a great way to pass the time. Together, we can dream up numerous projects to paint. In this case, one student is continuing to work on a painting of an outdoor window to match her “Italian Door” painting. The other student is thinking her 15 year-old painting of a cup of coffee needs to be redone and repainted for her kitchen.

All good paint projects to challenge the mind and aliven the senses.

If you are in need of an art project, I’m a phone call away. There are a couple of options to continue with art lessons. We can go over projects via FaceTime,  or if well and healthy, you can pop by the house and stay at a 2 metre distance to go over a short overview, take your project home and communicate via messaging.

In midst of all the chaos, here are two essential and quick links for everyone to know.

How to self isolate:

How to practise social distancing:

Follow the advice of professionals during this very unique time for all of us. Stay healthy and happy painting!

Theresa Eisenbarth
Contemporary Artist