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An Acrylic Painting named "A Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy“ by Canadian artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

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Title: A Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacy
Dimensions: 18 x 14 inches
Artist: Theresa Eisenbarth

It’s the little things that count. Don’t you agree?

That’s the type of friendly service we received on a regular basis at this little pharmacy on North Railway Street.

Myles was the pharmacist (and the owner, if I recall) when I went to University in Calgary. It’s one of the businesses I often would frequent when home from school. They would greet me by name, ask how my schoolwork was going and comment how they had not seen me in awhile. But, most importantly, they often asked how my mom was doing….that struck at my heart everytime – now, that’s hometown care and service.

Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat Exhibit called “ Walking The Flats” 2020