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An Acrylic Painting named "Don't Forget The Cream Mama“ by Canadian artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

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Title: Don’t Forget the Cream, Mama
Dimensions: 20×16 inches
Available: Rothwell Gallery
Artist: Theresa Eisenbarth

Helen (as we called her back then) had long,braided pigtails.They were done up so tightly I couldn’t imagine how her Polish mom had the patience to wind them so evenly and perfect every day. My hair, on the other hand was all over the place…wispy, half curled and knotted most of the days when I didn’t have a hot shower.

I would go over to Helen’s house and sit in their cool, shaded kitchen.The boy twins would come-and -go, the older sisters would sit with their legs crossed at the end of the table, dangling their slippers at the end of their toes.They would review stories about their new, dreamy boyfriends and I would listen with hearts in my eyes and wish these tales of adventure in love would never end. Eventually, if I timed it right, scrumptious and exotic food would trickle hot onto the table….perogies, cream-filled desserts and all good things Polish families were accustomed to eating. My mom was a good, solid cook, but their mom mesmerized me with food I had never tasted before. I thought she was an amazing cook.

Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat Exhibit called “Walking The Flats” 2020

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