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an image of an acrylic Painting of rundle mountain in alberta mountain called "turn next right" by Canadian artist, theresa eisenbarth

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Art Friends, 
May 4, 2021

I’ve been experimenting with adding more words in my paintings. It’s selfishly rewarding to observe people wanting to search for words and phrases pasted in the artwork. So I thought, why not add these words to the signs?

Take for example this recent artwork, “Turn Next Right Please.” I added the phrase in the sign on the path. It signifies a direction and also a journey on taking this path. Sometimes the road is straight: sometimes there are corners to turn.

I find with all of this Covid and events happening in the world, I am not as unaffected as I appeared to be…my path has been changing and I have been re-evaluating where I am going in my art career. Do I only paint urban landscapes? How will I present these…only in public galleries? Or Do I still go after more commercial galleries? While creating artwork, I like the connection I receive from working with clients. In the above working relationships, you don’t often get direct access to the clients. Hmmm….a predicament.

Anyways, about the Painting:
Adventures in Alberta are so rewarding – Not only do I get inspiration for new paintings like this one of Rundle Mountain but the memories last a lifetime.

We dragged our kids from place to place exploring the landscapes that Alberta has to offer. I highly recommend RVing through the mountains & the prairies. There are some wonderful places out there that are just waiting for you to experience.

Practising and playing with color layering has given me a nice break from buildings and those straight lines. I have lots of pictures of our road trips and can use them to recreate such beautiful reminders. See, I figure, I’m not really a mountain climber, I don’t remember them the same way as if I finished the climb and stood on top of them. (By the way, I do hike occasionally) It doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the majestic and imposing landscape.  Fortunately, my former Japanese student usually sends me a text with the corrections of the mountain names because I get lost in the scenery and forget to take notes or actually pay close attention to the signs…..can you say “Squirrel” 🐿

Please enjoy  “Turn Next Right”, 11×14 inches. Link is here:
Yes, it is available for purchase. A great gift idea for Mother’s Day.