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an acrylic Painting of two people apart during Covid-19 by artist, Theresa Eisenbarth

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Art friends
May, 2021

I was standing in line at Canada Post the other day. When I left and went to my vehicle, this was the view from my car.

It seems crazy how the mandate and the restrictions and regulations have ruled our lives. It’s the new reality we must live. Standing on designated dots on the sidewalk, floor and hallways to keep us apart from one another.

But, I wonder…..are people really wired to stay apart? What about family closeness and the need to be touched, to be loved and to transfer those feelings to another through the form of touch? I only know that I miss my kids whom I have not seen in so many months. As soon as given the opportunity and they feel safe to come home, I will hug them at every given moment! I miss them terribly-no telephone call or google meets or zoom link can replace the closeness I feel in person.