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An Acrylic Painting of the Medicine Hat Exhibition Grounds during Covid-19 by artist Theresa Eisenbarth

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May, 2021

There is much discussion in town about whether or not the Stampede Show and Exhibits will go on this year with life under COVID.

I know the government is also pondering the idea of allowing the Stampede to go ahead in Calgary. I can’t believe after all this and everyone who has sacrificed, worked hard and kept their heads down under lock down that they would allow such a large gathering. What will this accomplish but spread the virus?…. to hoot and holler over a couple of horses, cows and firework events?

I’m a business owner and have lost lots of momentum, business, and exhibits during this lock down and can see no benefit of hosting this large capacity event.

Somebody out there is only looking after their political career, not looking after the common health of the people.

I forecast a large spread of the virus in the fall. Another episode for the imaginary Netflix Series I dreamed up called…Alberta Devastation.