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An image of a puzzle box of flowers by artist Theresa Eisenbarth

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Art friends
October 26th. 2021

I’m excited to offer a new range of puzzles again for the 2021 holidays.

Puzzles are a tricky thing: some people like them to be extra hard to do, some like them to be easy.

My puzzles are wooden, interlocking and are in similar in size. This uniformity of size makes them quite hard to do-a real challenge. But, if you get stuck, there is a secret coded alphabet on the back of the puzzle to help you finish the project. Just keep it a secret in case the person whom you give the puzzle to prides themselves on finishing it without your suggestive help 🙂

Some things are out of my control. For instance, there may be the odd puzzle that has 1 piece missing. If this happens, please let me know!

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