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Dear Art Friends,
October 28th, 2021

It was so nice to see a past piece of my artwork in a collectors’ home recently while I was visiting Kelowna, BC.

This painting was a local Medicine Hat business which closed down a few years ago. It was renowned for its musical books, musical instruments and especially for the man who ran the store. It was one of those mainstay buildings on South Railway Street you “just “remember always being there as you walked by.

While I was working out what angle of the building I wanted to paint, I couldn’t decide on where the second, adjoining building would end and where the Levinson’s Music building would begin,  so I ended up painting two different paintings in two different sizes.

Both paintings have sold since then, but I’d never seen either of them in a home setting.

This experience of seeing my art in other peoples homes has reinforced a few things about following my own way and the importance and value of painting what I really like to paint. During this whole art journey, I have felt that I am speaking into a void. But when I started to paint the buildings and streets around me, I felt a first time connection to my art. I quickly realized this connection was also felt by others. Recently, I’ve noticed other artists beginning to paint similar subjects. I could feel down about this, but I’m not.  I think it’s great that other people now see the benefit of celebrating where we live and more importantly, the concept of celebrating a neighborhood. In the end, I guess I picked and continue to pick these mundane portraits of houses, buildings, streets and back alley subjects because I feel excited about painting them. I like that I can take a colorful license with the structures and re-imagine the view from a different perspective.

You see, I haven’t been trusting my “gut” lately, and where has this got me?  I know exactly where it’s got me…..curled up on a couch in a fetus position, not painting. The online social media engine, family drama and COVID has left it’s toll on me. To top it all off, I have been painting what I see other artists’ paint. I realize now that is not me because I haven’t been following my intuition and not pursuing my own unique direction. I’ve only gotten this far because I always trusted that there is something bigger and more important than me in this process. I’m going back to that, even though I know it’s a popular subject with galleries.

I’m not sure where it will all lead and I hope and trust you will continue to follow my journey.

It makes me happy when collectors feature my artwork in the most prominent place in their home.I need to remember “the why” of what I’m painting and see how my collectors feature my art…..especially when they place the paintings right next to the words “family” in their home.

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Thank you for constant encouragement.