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An image of a prep for planning a painting by Canadian Artist, Theresa Eisenbarth An image of Canadian artist, Theresa Eisenbarth in her studio

Art Friends,
December 4,  2021

I’ve been working on prairie landscapes this week. If I was a smart and a productive artist like @DavidLangevin,  I’d have them all laid out and use a variety and array of techniques to finish them all off. But, alas, I’m not there in my production yet. 😉

Whoever told me that the prairies are easy to paint must have been drinking gin while painting. (Maybe it was @GritCityDistillery – Dill Pickle Gin:)

Prep and planning. Following my recent art lessons, I’m planning out my artwork before I start. You’ll see my mess in my sketchbook in the posted photos.

This one is in progress right now… it’s almost done. I find I wait until the third phase to add my pop of colours. I love violets, so I tend to add them in the warm and cool parts of the painting at the end. Unfortunately, I’ve lost my luminous colour as I’ve covered up all the under painting.

Every artist works differently and finds their own method of madness to approach their artwork and the “ process of painting”

Prairie landscapes and big sky images I am finding challenging. The prairie’s vastness, overwhelming and sweeping areas of yellow wheat- can make the landscape look dull. Im currently playing with three versions of yellow hues to create a sense of movement and a sweeping variety in the land shapes. I’m always striving to make the artwork interesting…

My artwork is an evolving beast.

I think to grow and learn, it must change. The trick is to keep some things similar in look while incorporating some new and valuable art concepts. Recently, I’ve been criticized for painting landscapes. I’ve created a reputation around painting Neighbourhoods and in general, Medicine Hat. To grow as an artist, I have to eventually have to paint things outside my geographical area while still maintaining a local presence.

This is proving to be a delicate balance.

I believe most of my collectors and followers will see my artwork in terms of working in a series. Some if these may be local, some may be from around Southern- Alberta. Regardless, I hope you,  in particular, will love the new imagery of painting rural and small towns of our Western province.