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an image of an acrylic Painting by artist, Theresa Eisenbarth of a colourful sky and telephone pole one the alberta prairies

Art Friends,
January 4, 2022

Challenge accepted! I’ll be posting and partaking in the free challenge to all artists inline through these posts for 21 days.


Cheers to @taraleaver for this project. I find the new year hard to start off with a bang, but I’m sure this will help me. 

Thanks also to @heatherkinahanart for prompting many of us to accept this challenge!❤️

Day 1 – A favourite painting -❤️

Large, open sky, tumbling clouds, a single telephone pole? Where do you think you are? The prairies, of course! 

This painting reminds me of all my thoughts while I’m meandering the prairie highway and driving to another city. When you see single objects out of the corner of your eye in the vast landscape, you tend to silently cheer them on….a tree, a pole, a bush or even an animal darting by on the side of the road. Like all the migration of immigrants that came before us to settle on the hard soil and preserver on the farms and then to move and develop neighbourhoods in the small towns. If these people could survive out here, then anything is possible. 

I find these single things out there in the prairies give me hope and remind me every time I travel the prairies to have hope….I think we all need a little hope from time to time. Don’t you? What are the things that attract you to the prairies? Please share. 



. 11×14 on birch panel 


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