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An acrylic Painting by artist Theresa Eisenbarth- In Progress

Art Friends,
January 5, 2022

Day 2 ❤️

“Lessons Learned”

 ~Things ebb and flow ~

This is something I’ve learned this last year… just when you think you have a few things figured out in your own art community, then it’s time to change- to grow. You can’t stay in the same for very long, even in other professions. 

This of course has been a challenge for me. For one thing, I’m learning and taking advanced classes from a few different mentors and am trying to process it all. How do I keep what people have liked in my artwork, yet still grow as an artist? How do I apply these skills and still paint what I like? It has been on my mind a lot lately. I think this has been easier for others to grasp… I’m not sure why I’m struggling through this so much. I hope 2022 has the answers and a lightbulb moment will appear soon. 

Like an art friend of mine said to me last summer, “before you were unconsciously applying your skills; now you are conscious and recognize other art principles. Growth is hard”  

Honestly, I think I liked it when I was unconscious as my art was more free and flowed more easily. I’m the end, It’s the perspective of the ebb and flow that make us who we are as artists. 

Note-this painting has been looked at on my wall in my studio for a year now. I’m determined to figure out how to finish it.., sometimes your skills need to catch up to match the painting! 

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